Selling Fee Calculator has been launched for Online Sellers

Selling Fee Calculator has been launched for the convenient of Sellers; who will be interested in becoming sellers with OMBIKA or already joined the OMBIKA as a Sellers. By using it; sellers can know easily that “what he get after selling their products via OMBIKA”.

This Calculator consist of each & every aspects which needed to calculate the seller margin after selling the products. To know the profit/margin; after selling the products, you have to choose the following:

  • Location: Within City/Within State/Metro to Metro/Rest of India/North-East/J&K
  • Category of your products
  • Weight of the products (in gms)
  • Selling Price of your products.

After putting above information; calculator will automatically calculate your profit/margin amount after selling the products.

We will also try to upgrade it time to time; as per industry standards and reference to the sellers suggestion.

We are also going to start Cash on Delivery (COD) Service for the shoppers of OMBIKA, after January 2020. And, also many services has been launched by us for the benefits of sellers & shoppers.

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